WDC Ecosystem

Merchant Ecosystem for Manufacturer
WDC is a blockchain and merchant ecosystem for building online mall. Our blockchain supports the merchants with a world business city. WDC Includes:
  • MALL & Exchange center
To create a pure encrypt currency commodity for currency exchange and currency exchange, and to find and cultivate a batch of merchants willing to accept the exchange of encrypted currency in the market, to provide the underlying system of "the supply of daily necessities" for the encrypted currency industry, which is detached from the credit currency system and can operate independently. WDC is an important tool for block chain links in the real world.
WDC gives value to goods, serves the whole people, is practical and stable, and its total market value can be exchanged with commodities. The volume of rapid growth has increased to several trillion (CNY) potential.


WDC is a commodity exchange medium, equivalent to the credit currency, and can be purchased directly in the mall with WDC.
When WDC is promoted, it has the same usage as credit money, such as leverage arbitrage, pledge credit, fund investment.
The whole ecosystem is a huge and complex project. It's not a business city, it's so simple to support bitcoin payment. In the ecosystem, there must be an encrypted currency and a part of the performance of the production unit, that is, the more the goods are, the more the better, the more the encrypt money, not the time or the power. Money producing.

business model

New service

Service scene

The small and micro commodity production enterprises in the bottom market are difficult to finance and have no ability to establish the channels of sale of goods. They usually need to spend more than a few times the price of the goods to buy and sell the goods, and the digital assets of WDC are exchanged directly with the goods.

Ecological composition

C2C e-commerce platform, support WDC payment. exchange procedures to pay for WDC and other digital asset transactions.WDC coin intelligent contract.

intelligent contracts

At present, it is decided to use the high speed and low cost EOS currency platform and the most concise TOKEN intelligent contract to retain the basic transaction function and increase the function of the commodity pledge.

Acquisition mode

In exchange for the right to use goods or services for WDC, including official exchanges, and exchanges in the mall and customers.Buy WDC from other users.

usage scenario

financing difficulties or the rapid production enterprises, with goods in exchange for WDC, and then distributed to employees, employees can in the shopping mall, can also be sold to other people, to obtain legal tender.

Expanded financial business

When the digital encryption currency business platform has enough variety of goods, when digital currency like credits that free shopping, loan class operations can be implemented.

Good forecast

The immediate purpose of most people to invest in encrypted currency is still to get more credit money. The fundamental reason is that the commodity producers accept credit currency for goods. If the digital encryption currency is successfully accepted by the commodity producers, the people's pursuit of the credit currency will be greatly reduced.

Impact prediction

Banking business is first affected, as the encrypted currency can directly dock goods, small business and personal loan demand decline, and most of the large enterprises at the present stage are in the market by a massive small enterprise eating embarrassment, so the bank's business to public loans and retail loans is rapidly shrinking.


Zhiguang Yang

General manager

Many years of experience in multi industry, including IT technology research and development, Internet product operation, new media operation and financial business development. Cross industry business integration capability, broad vision. It has operated a block chain digital encrypt currency - silver chain atomic chain platform. The platform includes the currency software, the online exchange, the C2C business city, and its own encrypted currency over 1 million RMB within three months of the exchange turnover. Online shopping mall successfully inviting 5 merchants, including health products, health products, general merchandise mobile phones and so on. The mode of operation includes soft video marketing, social marketing. Proficient in the psychological characteristics of investment in encrypted currency, principles of exchange trader, psychology and operation habits of speculators, suppliers' characteristics and channels, etc. Senior bank brokerage fund industry practitioners. Years of experience in banking sector division, credit business, trade financing, cross-border trade financing. Years of experience in securities, funds, stock allocation and other business, familiar with the operations and principles and channels of various channels, management trust plans, funds and other structured financial products. Senior Internet technology development, led the development of network server software, WEB online application, online games. The performance is stable and the operation is good. Senior operation, leading the operation of online educational media platform (turnover of billion), digital asset exchange, and online e-commerce platform, skillfully using many media platforms, such as most video, short video, and soft text.


The University of Manchester, a master of Finance and a senior bank practitioner, has led a number of cross-border bank trade and financing business, proficient in cross-border supply chain finance, enterprise financing channels, and small business financial services retail business. He worked in Ping An Bank and was very familiar with domestic business, such as trade financing, stocks, bonds, bulk, futures and many successful cases.


Senior bank employee, many years of domestic banking experience, proficient in financial leasing, corporate bill financing, supply chain finance, interbank asset scheduling.